Rave Reviews

Thanks for the great job in narrating my “trailer.”  Your voice is perfect for business/creative venues! I hope to refer new business to you. Once again, Leslie, thanks for your work. — Paul Yarmoluk (yarmolukp@gmail.com), Culinary Consultant

Leslie Diamond not only did a great job, but she was cordial, friendly, professional, called me for correct pronunciations and delivery specs… everything a producer might ask for from VO artist.  And her voice tracks were super clean. No crappy mikes.  Three takes on 1.5 pages of dialogue.  Golly! The best parts were that she was on-point like crazy, and the client was blown away, no changes, nothing. She’s a pro and I hope to work with her more in the future. — My best, Karl Hirsch (karl@agletproductions.com)

Leslie’s quick understanding of the creative director’s needs, her professionalism, her sense of humor and fun, her innate timing, and the fact that her clear voice reflects her belief in any product she promotes makes her a pleasure to work with. — Bill Dengler Studios

One sparkling gem that stands out among the rest: Leslie Diamond shines in the recording booth – she has unlimited energy and knows how to focus her energy to bring any script to life! — Moneen Daley Harte

“Leslie is extremely dedicated to the development and growth of her craft as a voiceover talent. Her passion completely shines through while still maintaining a humble and warm attitude towards her work. I would highly recommend Leslie for your voiceover needs.” — Ashley Rose Davidson

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