A Special Colleague


Male Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell and Female Voice Talent Leslie Diamond

I had the most amazing evening. I attended the 7th Annual RAF Freelance Creative Expo at the Museum of Art in Rochester, NY. This was my first time in attendance; I wasn’t sure what to expect. I slowly made my way around the room, meeting each exhibitor, learning about their craft, exchanging business conversation and cards, when – surprise! Peter K. O’Connell of audio’connell Voice Over Talent had a wonderful table display of all things audio’connell. I was thrilled to see Peter in my “backyard” – he is one of Western New York’s super voice talents. After exchanging an “It’s great to see you!” hug, Peter invited me to share his exhibit and talk voice acting with fellow attendees. Peter is a consummate professional and a genuine people person. He took the time to learn something about each person he met, and then shared how professional voice acting could make their work even better. He introduced me to everyone who stopped at the table and shared each conversation. What fun! Peter radiates the kind of fundamental decency and generosity that has a name in Yiddish – he’s a mensch. Thank you, Peter.