My Bio

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I’m Leslie Diamond.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I’m a professional narrator – a voice actor – who helps large and small businesses sound more professional by enhancing their voicemail, training programs, video soundtracks, narrations and commercials with high-quality narration. Voice acting is my full-time profession. 

I’ll listen to your needs, and follow your direction. I’m available in-studio on Skype, Source Connect and ipDTL. ISDN studios are readily available, too. You can expect affordable rates and full production of your projects in a timely manner, too. What could be better!

More about Me:

I would love to be the sparkle in your next voice project. One gem that stands out among the rest, I will voice your project with clarity and guarantee you the right cut every time. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction. With my voice and your product, your bottom line will glitter!

My considerable acting experience gives me a warm sound imprint with a vocal range that runs the gamut from outright excitement to quietly comfortable – a sparkling, multifaceted talent you can trust on every level, no matter your project: audiobooks, commercials, narrations, education, training, internet and more.

My voice descriptors include:  real, warm, vibrant, thoughtful, eloquent, fun, sincere, nurturing, understanding, soothing, authoritative, down-to-earth, courage of conviction, sensuous.

Some of my favorite spots and characters to voice include the invitation to indulge, the light sell, healthcare, P.S.A., comedy, the nosy neighbor, the warm and caring wife, mom or grandmother, the nagging or long-suffering wife or mom, dialogues, inspirational, promo, storyteller (I love to read! Recording audiobooks is a joy!), the shopper, the infomercial host, the consummate professional. Leslie enjoys giving voice to game/animation characters, too.

I’m a member of the prestigious Voxy Ladies (a unique boutique of professional female voiceover artists) and World-Voices Organization (a non-profit, member-driven international association of voice actors).

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