Is a Career in Voice Over for you?


I get asked this a lot: How do I get into voice work?

To be a voice actor that is working, you’ve got to be an actor. You’ve got to take apart copy in less than 30 seconds, and self-direct, usually within minutes. Other times, you’ve got to take the direction of others – occasionally from more than three individuals at the same time. You’ve got to understand something about teen, child, and adult psychology. You’ve got to comprehend and control sound technology. You should have the capacity to brand/market yourself. You should be your own company manager. You should continuously take workshops and courses to enhance your skill to do all the above, so you should not leave your day job while you are learning. There is no state licensing or college degree for voice acting. A college counselor can help you put your own program together.

For those who are in possession of a fantastic voice or have a particular gift for character voices, then you need to consider bringing your own skills to the tens of thousands of occupations. Your employment chances aren’t only limited to supplying character voices for animated films and TV series. It’s possible for you to make your living through working through non-program shows for private corporations, narrations, or for commercial jobs like ads or telephone companies. Yet as with absolutely any pursuit in the entertainment industry, it requires more than an excellent gift!

You need to approach your voice over career with exactly the same heart an actor uses for his profession, although you can just leap right in and begin auditioning. So, if you own a talent as well as a fire for voice overs…now you must turn that raw gift into a tasteful professional tool. In order to do this you’re going to want training. Clearly this form of polish may come with the on the job expertise that you just get through working, but it will take a good deal more. Give yourself a head start and take some courses or receive private training. Your teacher can help train you up to a degree at which you’ll be prepared to record your demo.

Record a professional demo –  a demonstration of your voice over capabilities. A demo is essential in helping a casting director or producer determine whether they would like to utilize your ability as a voice over artist. Even in the event you’re supremely gifted, it’s worth saving up the cash and resources to record your demo correctly; a poor demo will seriously inhibit the quantity of work you are going to get. Get your teacher or mentor to assist you in finding what recording studio you want to visit and consistently do your research. Your demo ought to reveal your complete range and should seem professional.

As soon as your demo is recorded, you can begin your self-promotion and send it out to casting representatives and directors.

Having an agent means that you’ll have a lot more auditions and voice over jobs accessible to you, but you actually ought to remember that you’re equally as accountable for getting yourself work as your representative is. That means sending your demo to casting directors and later following up with them.

If you still want to do voice over work, read Peter O’Connell’s Voice over Entrance Exam. You’ll find it here: