Double Divas 2 Toronto

Double Diva’s East Meets West VO Adventure Workshop is one of the best steps I could take on my voiceover journey. Do not pass up the opportunity to work with Debbie Munro and Elley-Ray Hennessey.  These two Canadian voiceover powerhouses will keep you on your toes the entire weekend and pull out of you talents you never thought you had.  They generously shared information on marketing, branding, agents, unions, vocal exercises, monologue and dialogue work, narration and advanced character techniques, and many other tricks of the trade. The atmosphere was comfortable and relaxed and everyone felt free to play. Their critiques were spot on. Deb and Elley-Ray also invited a panel of experts from various aspects of our business. All-in-all, not a moment wasted. Seriously! West Coast or East Coast – catch these ladies in action. You won’t regret it.

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