My Year-long Adventure


I’ve missed you, dear reader. I’ve been away almost one year. Busy moving into a new home in a new city and selling our previous home. In the interim, I’ve dealt with open houses, construction, landscaping, heating and cooling, telephone, internet, satellite, sprinkler systems, generators, tool sheds, bike paths, getting familiar with my new studio set-up (thank you, Dan Lenard), awnings and patios, gas lines, finding my way around my new city, Buffalo, enjoying my new neighbors, making new friends, finding new doctors, decorating, family events, new clients, old clients – it’s been quite a year. Finally feeling settled in and loving it.

And ready to share with all of you.

Right now, I’m looking forward to spending some time with Mom and Dad and my brother Mike, celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary; then learning all I can at Double Divas in Toronto, and Faffcon 3 in Hershey before the High Holidays begin. Life is good and very busy.