I’m Back!


Joey came home one day last June and said, “I’ve had enough, Honey. Start looking.” He’d had enough of driving back and forth from Rochester to Buffalo and back again every day for work. He wanted me to start house hunting. While house hunting on-line and with a Buffalo realtor, I began the process of downsizing our existing home: closets, drawers, cabinets, the basement, the toolshed. It’s amazing how much stuff two people can collect in just 10 years. Most of the stuff I donated, or packed, the rest trashed. Now I began driving to and from Buffalo in an effort to find our new home. Three months later, we found it in Clarence Center. Back and forth offers, an agreement, and the paperwork began. Mounds of paperwork. What a difference in regulations and wasted paper from this transaction compared to my first two homes. Real Estate is now a nightmare.