The Sneeze Audition is Back!

I got a call Tuesday from a “NYC Casting Agent.” His “name” was Tom Walsh. He said he found my website, listened to my voice, and thought I was perfect for the new allergy product commercial his client wanted made. The only thing –  he had to make sure I could sneeze on cue! He asked me what my sneeze sounded like and then told me to sniff a pinch of black pepper and then a sniff of cayenne!! But his phone number came up “Blocked” on my iPhone, and he wouldn’t answer me when I asked him the name of his agency.

I played along (hoping some bit of information would help me identify him) for as long as I could;  but the sleazy scammer eventually tired of his game. He said he would call back in a couple of days. Of course, he did no such thing.

I shared with Debbie Munro (who was coaching me at the time) what had happened. She told me scams will occasionally hit our business like any other. Voice actors are eager to please and there’s the unusual request from a client now and then, but we need to be vigilant.  She said to check with Bobbin Beam, who had written an article about this kind of thing.

I googled “sneeze audition scam,” and Bobbin Beam’s excellent article for VoiceOverXtra popped up. Please click to read it. It’s an eye-opener.

What a shame that this guy has nothing better to do with his life than call busy professionals with phony scams. Poor thing. I guess he hasn’t thought about taking the time he wastes on his scams and using that time to help others.

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