An Evening of Tele-Seminars

I spent a great evening with positive upbeat people. It’s nice to soar with the eagles.

Tonight’s first tele-seminar was entitled, “Million $ Radio Imaging” with Dave Foxx, the master of radio production, courtesy of Susan Berkley and The Great Voice Company. On this call, Dave explained how to become a radio promo voice, how to do a kick-ass imaging demo, and how to market your services to the production and program directors who can use your voice. Fantastic information. I’ll be able to review Dave’s information any time I want to, because Susan will send me a CD of the entire call. Thanks, Susan!

The second tele-seminar was “Acting in Voice Acting with David Goldberg of Edge Studio, courtesy of Mark Davidson and Highlights included ways to discover your real voice, your voiceover voice, and your acting voice. He also explained how you can project what your playback will sound like, how to continually change your emotion or your tone, and how to still sound natural and convincing at the same time. I really enjoyed the audience participation! Yes, David got us all involved using Edge Studio’s scripts page. ¬†Immediate gratification – thanks David!

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