You Run Your Own Broadcasting Show the Entire Day


Imagine hearing this announcement when you start off each day: “Welcome to your own broadcasting show. We’re on the air today and every day. We run from this moment on, for the rest of your life. You can’t shut off the show, but you can choose what to hear. We advise you to choose wisely. Don’t be upset with yourself if the show is not proceeding the way you wish. Instead, thank your mind for working. Be nice and friendly to it. And kindly and respectfully ask your mind to give you a truly great show today. Have a fantastic day, today and every day.”

If the above represents what you would like to hear on your own mental show, then you can choose it. If you would like to run a different show, just choose what you would like to hear.

Your mental broadcast can have any guest you want. What do you want your inner mental guests to say to you? What do you want them to speak about? Choose the subject that you would like your self-talk to be about, for as long as you’d like. You might want to hear a great interview with yourself and your ideals and values. You might want to hear a certain song or many songs that uplift you and help you feel good. You might want to hear a well-known story over again. This could be a story with a lesson that you really need to hear right now. It could be an inspiring story. It could even be an entertaining or a funny story.

If you find yourself broadcasting distressful ideas and thoughts, you can switch to uplifting and joyous ones. You can give yourself messages of hope right now and at any time you choose.

When you listen to recordings of speakers or speeches you like, you can be grateful for the opportunity to add their messages to your own mental library. Once those recordings are stored in your brain, you can access them as often as you like.

Be grateful to the Creator of your mind and your life for giving you your own broadcasting show. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your inner broadcasting show. Keep raising the quality of what you say to yourself, and you will live a happier life, full of self-development and self-empowerment.

(from Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s book: “Conversations With Yourself”, pp.185) [])

An Evening of Tele-Seminars


I spent a great evening with positive upbeat people. It’s nice to soar with the eagles.

Tonight’s first tele-seminar was entitled, “Million $ Radio Imaging” with Dave Foxx, the master of radio production, courtesy of Susan Berkley and The Great Voice Company. On this call, Dave explained how to become a radio promo voice, how to do a kick-ass imaging demo, and how to market your services to the production and program directors who can use your voice. Fantastic information. I’ll be able to review Dave’s information any time I want to, because Susan will send me a CD of the entire call. Thanks, Susan!

The second tele-seminar was “Acting in Voice Acting with David Goldberg of Edge Studio, courtesy of Mark Davidson and Highlights included ways to discover your real voice, your voiceover voice, and your acting voice. He also explained how you can project what your playback will sound like, how to continually change your emotion or your tone, and how to still sound natural and convincing at the same time. I really enjoyed the audience participation! Yes, David got us all involved using Edge Studio’s scripts page.  Immediate gratification – thanks David!

Happy New Year!


A new year. A fresh start. May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life. May the dawning 2010 fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows. Here’s to sharing all good things with our families and friends, our colleagues and clients, and our neighbors and communities.