Marketing Magic for 2010

You can never have enough information on marketing, right? I continue to learn from my colleagues. Susan Berkley provides her voiceover boot camp attendees with a fabulous course on marketing (complete with usable materials).  Each month, Kristin Price of Edge Studio teaches a course entitled Marketing 101 (There’s an outstanding follow-up.). Stephanie and Dave Ciccarelli of just completed an excellent webinar on Marketing on Social Networks (By the way, I’d recommend the whole 4-part webinar series.).

Here’s another choice: go to, click on the tab “Cox for Sale,” and scroll down the page to where it reads “For Voice Actors Only.” You’ve reached The Voice Over White Paper written by friend and colleague Bryan Cox (Voice Actor, Stand-Up Comic, Entertainer and Author). This paper includes a wealth of information on marketing.  Bryan covers what should happen after you’ve worked hard, what you can do to offer clients more, where you can make the money, what radio stations don’t tell you, and the bottom line! Thank you, Jason LeBlanc, for putting me onto this treasure.

Keep the marketing ideas coming, colleagues.  Here’s to our marketing success in 2010!

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