Mac Lovers: what’s your favorite recording software?

Okay.  I started with Garageband (simple, easy to learn, but limited, especially in the variety of formats with which to import or export files). Moved on to Pro Tools LE 8 (powerful, complicated, still figuring it out). I really want the new iMac 27″ 2 T wireless beauty – no eye strain, I can see the copy and operate my recording software at the same time. I could easily call up and manipulate my recording software while learning more about it. Unfortunately, DigiDesign is late completing their Pro Tools Snow Leopard upgrade. And then, there’s Logic, created by Apple and even more powerful than Pro Tools; definitely Snow Leopard ready, but better for musicians, I’ve been told, than VO artists.  I like the look of Twisted Wave; very versatile in it’s ability to read and export sound files in many formats.  Of course, it’s Snow Leopard ready.

If you’re a Mac user, what do you use and why?

2 thoughts on “Mac Lovers: what’s your favorite recording software?

  1. Hi Leslie!

    I’m still sticking with GarageBand. It’s still very powerful, especially for dry voice tracks. When it comes to file formats for client requirements, I use Quicktime Pro ($30.00) to convert to .WAV and other formats, bit rates, and sampling rates that aren’t available directly from sending GarageBand to iTunes. This would take care of your Snow Leopard capability issues in the short run. I would like to upgrade to Pro Tools one of these days (especially as a musician), but, I haven’t found a reason to yet. Otherwise, Pro Tools, for strictly voiceover, is way overkill.

    Good discussion and I hope this helps!

    Bill Sleeper
    The Voice That’s Yours!

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