Marketing Magic for 2010


You can never have enough information on marketing, right? I continue to learn from my colleagues. Susan Berkley provides her voiceover boot camp attendees with a fabulous course on marketing (complete with usable materials).  Each month, Kristin Price of Edge Studio teaches a course entitled Marketing 101 (There’s an outstanding follow-up.). Stephanie and Dave Ciccarelli of just completed an excellent webinar on Marketing on Social Networks (By the way, I’d recommend the whole 4-part webinar series.).

Here’s another choice: go to, click on the tab “Cox for Sale,” and scroll down the page to where it reads “For Voice Actors Only.” You’ve reached The Voice Over White Paper written by friend and colleague Bryan Cox (Voice Actor, Stand-Up Comic, Entertainer and Author). This paper includes a wealth of information on marketing.  Bryan covers what should happen after you’ve worked hard, what you can do to offer clients more, where you can make the money, what radio stations don’t tell you, and the bottom line! Thank you, Jason LeBlanc, for putting me onto this treasure.

Keep the marketing ideas coming, colleagues.  Here’s to our marketing success in 2010!

Happy Holidays!


The eight days of Chanukah has passed for 2009.  Joey and I shared with family and friends a lovely, warm holiday, filled with the light and peace of Hashem’s love and learning, latkes and laughter, dreidels and gifts, and good health and joy. We kept the fire roaring, scented the air with fresh-cut flowers, decorated coffee tables with bowls of fruit, and supped on delicious traditional holiday dishes. We’re so thankful for the blessings of the past year and so hopeful for the prosperity of the year to come.

I wish for you, my friend, a holiday filled with all the traditions you hold dear. May the good Lord shed his light on you and yours, and grant you a prosperous and happy New Year.

Mac Lovers: what’s your favorite recording software?


Okay.  I started with Garageband (simple, easy to learn, but limited, especially in the variety of formats with which to import or export files). Moved on to Pro Tools LE 8 (powerful, complicated, still figuring it out). I really want the new iMac 27″ 2 T wireless beauty – no eye strain, I can see the copy and operate my recording software at the same time. I could easily call up and manipulate my recording software while learning more about it. Unfortunately, DigiDesign is late completing their Pro Tools Snow Leopard upgrade. And then, there’s Logic, created by Apple and even more powerful than Pro Tools; definitely Snow Leopard ready, but better for musicians, I’ve been told, than VO artists.  I like the look of Twisted Wave; very versatile in it’s ability to read and export sound files in many formats.  Of course, it’s Snow Leopard ready.

If you’re a Mac user, what do you use and why?

Physicalizing and Voice Over


Tracy Pattin interviews Bob Bergen and Bill Holmes on just that question. The voice of Porky Pig, Bob Bergen is a big advocate of physicalizing every chance you get in the booth. Teacher, demo producer, Bill Holmes talks about how he teaches voice over students to use body language in their reads. Some other points these voice over experts share:

•How body language builds characters

•Dealing with the microphone when physicalizing your reads

•Using body language to prepare for a voice over gig in the booth

If you haven’t seen this, check it out.  These guys are amazing!

VO Mixer and Mastering the Audition


Saturday’s VO Mixer at The White Rabbit in NYC was fabulous.  I was thrilled to meet so many of my cyber friends and mentors in person. Thank you Voice Talent Productions, especially Erik Shepard and LindZ Reiss for hosting this wonderful event.  I’m looking forward to next year’s VO Mixer.

Sunday and Monday was devoted to family fun in the Five Towns.  Tuesday morning, I boarded an Amtrak train heading home to Rochester. No Internet access, but I was able to join the “Mastering the Audition” Webinar by phone. I didn’t miss a moment!  Once again, David and Stephanie Ciccarelli delivered an informative and helpful webinar.  Thank you both so very much.

Power Profiles


You know me.  I love learning new things. I just enjoyed a one-hour webinar with David and Stephanie Ciccarelli of The webinar covered in depth how to maximize your profile on  Very helpful.  I’m looking forward to the next three webinars:  Mastering the Audition (December 8th: What to include in your audition), Branding Online (December 15th: Defining your marketing strategy as a freelance service provider), and Marketing on Social Networks (December 22nd: Using social media properly to attract more clients).  David and Stephanie will be available to answer your questions live on the call and any unanswered questions will be responded to after the fact via email. They are also recording each teleseminar, so the content will be available for you to listen to at your convenience from within your account. Cool, huh?