The Week Continues …


Dan O’Day gave a fabulous teleseminar on “How to Get Past the Gatekeeper: Advanced Strategies for Sales Professionals.” Excellent, immediately usable information.  I don’t know when Dan will be offering this seminar again, so visit his site.  Don’t miss it!

Yea!! My new Aurelex 2″ Metro Studiofoam in blue just arrived. Not only will it soundproof my studio, but it’s going to look very pretty. Picture it – blue Studiofoam against yellow walls. Thank you, Rob LaVaque of for procuring these beauties for me.

This week has just started …


Saturday night, I participated in a fantastic tele-seminar entitled “Leveraging Social Media in your Voice-Over Business” with Dave Courvoisier! Dave is a social networking geek and you’ll learn a lot just by watching him work. But this was very special.

Today, Keith Farrell walked me through creating my pages at – a wonderful site for both voice talent and voice seekers. I’m so thrilled to be a new member.

Then I joined a teleconference at 9 PM –  an AMAZING Free VoiceActing Academy Teleconference with Zurek – the founder of VoiceOver Universe and Penny Abshire of VoiceActing Academy.

I have the most caring, generous colleagues. ..