Tongue Twisters!


My friend and colleague Terry Daniel at the VoiceOverClub put together this video on warming up one’s voice. Terry writes, “Using tongue twisters as a vocal warm-up exercise is an absolute must for anyone who uses their voice professionally.”  Enjoy Terry’s early morning tongue twisters.  Then try these:

I Love New York , Unique New York, I Live to Love Unique New York. Betty Botter Bought A Bit Of Bitter Batter. The Lips, The Teeth, The Tip Of The Tongue. Lemon Liniment. Bears And Bees, And Bees And Bears. Pop A Pop At Pop’s Soda Shop. Sister Sarah Sitting In A Shoeshine Shop. Red Leather, Yellow Leather. Pretty pretty penguin walking by, Black Tux, White Shirt, Red Bow Tie.

Whether The Weather Is Hot, Or Whether the Weather Is Not; We’ll Weather The Weather, Whatever The Weather, Whether We Like It Or Not.

To sit in solemn silence in a dull dark dock, In a pestilential prison with a life lock lock. Awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp, shock, from a cheap and chippy chopper on a big, black block.

Bi bye bee bi bye bo. be bye bicki bicki bye bicki bo . bicki bye bo be bickiy by bicky bye bo beeeeeee.  (Change letter each time and get higher.)

Do them with an overly exaggerated “BBC British” accent. Be sure to clear(that is, pronounce clearly) the dentinite “T”‘s and “D”s, the plosive “B”‘s and “P”‘s , the spirant “S”‘s, the lingual “L”‘s and the aspirate “HW”‘s. Do not forget the Labio-Dental Fricative (what a delicious phrase: it contains nearly every part of speech, excepting the “KS” sound) “F” and “V”.


It’s Been Awhile …


I haven’t written in awhile.  I’ve been busy re-organizing my office (tossing things away to make room for new, hooking up a new wireless printer, etc.), taking care of winterizing my home (last lawn application, oil and filter change on the generator, sealing the driveway, etc.), and studying my craft to enable me to continue to provide the best service to my clients.

Just opening today’s mail gifted me with Voice Over Today’s excellent article on Eight Ways to Grow My Voice Over Business, as well as my materials on Podcasting from Dan Klass’s interview with The Great Voice Company.  I love learning new things, don’t you?



Listen to my latest demo, featuring Macy’s One-Day Sale, Kodak EasyShare System, Marineland’s Sky Screamer, Carrie Ann Inaba Longacre Theatre Ballroom Reinvented Show, Crest Whitestrips, and High Hill Vineyards.

I love what I do!  I love giving 110% on every project I voice and surpassing my client’s expectations. What could be better!

Keeping on Top of Your Game?


On today’s Vox Daily (a publication of, Debbie Munro gives excellent advice on choosing proper voiceover training that will work for you. She covers her do’s and don’ts and offers information on different training options from in-person workshops to research. Email Debbie at for her recommendations on coaches. Thanks, Debbie. And thank you, Stephanie, of for helping us stay on top of our game.