What advice would I give to someone starting out?


I’ve had two previous careers – advertising (Account Executive, Sales Promotion Copywriter, and Talent), and performing arts teacher. Upon changing careers, people asked me what advice would I give to someone starting out. Oddly enough, the advice I shared for both previous careers seems to fit the profession of voice actor as well:  Find an excellent mentor and study, study, study! Prepare beforehand. Meet deadlines; plan and organize faithfully. Respect the working methods of others, but don’t be a doormat. Honor your commitments. Be computer and technologically literate. Expect to work long hard hours, sometimes without recognition or reward, and be okay with that. Expect criticism, some of it constructive. Be kind to yourself. Keep a sense of humor. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Develop a tough skin and a sweet heart. Remember, we’re all just folks.  Communicate!  What would you add to this list?