Hello, World!


Hello, World.  This is my very first post.  I’m not quite sure what to say yet.  This is all so new to me.  I never considered writing one of my own blogs because I’m usually too busy reading other people’s blogs!  Let’s see … there’s always something new to learn at Susan Berkley’s blog.  She keeps her readers on their toes, even when she’s on vacation in Brazil. Dave Courvoisier, Las Vegas Voice Actor, is one of my favorite bloggers; I’m always learning new things from Dave. He’s very savvy on all the social networking stuff. Bob Souer’s blog is fascinating, too. His site has a comprehensive list of voiceover bloggers. You can spend days there and not even know time has passed. Bonnie Gillespie writes about her views on life in Hollywood. Connie Terwilliger shares her life and voiceover perspectives. Visit these sites – bet you like them as much as I do.